Paddlefest Race Information


  Canoes/Kayaks/Stand Up Paddleboards 0513



  • 11 Mile Canoe & Kayak race on the Ohio River and Little Miami River
  • 5 Mile SUP Race on the Ohio River
REGISTER: Register online or download a Racer Registration Form and mail to the address listed on form with payment before deadline Monday, June 15 at midnight.  There is no Day of Event Race registration. Register in person on Friday, June 19th at Paddlefest “Roots on the River” Music Festival. Each racer is required to register and pay.
Race Packet Pick Up – Friday, June 19,  Noon to 9:00 pm in the Lost River Shelter at Coney Island or Saturday, June 20, 6:00-7:00 am before the race begins.
LOCATION: START: Coney Island, 6201 Kellogg Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45228.
7:15 AM – CANOES
7:25 AM – Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) 
FINISH: Public Landing, 435 East Mehring Way, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 or at Schmidt Field on Humbert Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45226
COURSE: All  Races start at Coney Island, on the Ohio River. The canoe and kayak race (11 mile course) starts at the Coney Island boat ramp and goes up river ¼ mile and turns clockwise around a green buoy.  Then down the Ohio River to the Little Miami River with a 1 mile leg up and back on the Little Miami.  The course continues down the Ohio River to the finish line on the Ohio side at the public landing in downtown Cincinnati. The SUP race (5 mile course) also starts at the Coney boat ramp, but is all downriver ending at Schmidt Field on the Ohio side of the river.  SUP racers then take their time paddling the final 3 miles to the Cincinnati Public Landing to enjoy the Paddlefest Finish Line Festival.  Medals will be awarded to the first three finishers in each class. The river opens to barge traffic at 12 pm. Transportation is provided back to Coney Island and your car from 10:00am -3pm
RULES: All racers must have a Coast Guard Approved PFD for each person on or in the craft during the entire race and this must be easily accessible; Also, one whistle per craft is required.  The race director may require that PFD’s be worn during the entire race. All non-swimming competitors must wear a PFD during the entire race. All paddlers under 15 years of age must wear a PFD during the entire race.  All competitors who quit the race for any reason before the finish line must report to the race director at the finish line as soon as possible.

PADDLES: Any number of single blade paddles of any material and size may be used in the canoe or SUP. A competitor may use only one paddle at a time. Any number of double bladed paddles may be used in the kayak class or Unlimited K-1 class. Only hand-powered craft are legal for the canoe, kayak and SUP races.

7:15 am – All canoes (C-1 & C-2)
7:20 am – All kayaks (K-1 & K-2)
7:25 am – All stand up paddleboards (SUP)


CANOE – 11 Mile Race
C-1 Pro (USCA C-1 rules) – Man
C-1 Pro (USCA C-1 rules) – Woman
C-2 Pro (3×27, no ICF canoes) – Men
C-2 Pro (3×27, no ICF canoes) – Women
C-2 Pro (3×27, no ICF canoes) – Mixed
C-2 Cruiser (no 3×27, no ICF canoes) – Men
C-2 Cruiser (no 3×27, no ICF canoes) – Women
C-2 Cruiser (no 3×27, no ICF canoes) – Mixed
C-2 Recreational (canoe length < =18′) – Men
C-2 Recreational (canoe length < =18′) – Women
C-2 Recreational (canoe length < =18′) – Mixed

 KAYAK – 11 Mile Race
K-1 Unlimited (K1, ICF, surf ski) – Man
K-1 Unlimited (K1, ICF, surf ski) – Woman
K-1 Rec (kayaks <=14 feet in length) – Man
K-1 Rec (kayaks <=14 feet in length) – Woman
K-1 Sea Kayak (Kayaks <=18 feet in length) – Man
K-1 Sea Kayak (Kayaks <=18 feet in length) – Woman
K-2 ICF Kayak – Men
K-2 ICF Kayak – Women
K-2 ICF Kayak – Mixed
K-2 Sea Kayak – Men
K-2 Sea Kayak – Women
K-2 Sea Kayak – Mixed
OC-1 Outrigger – Man
OC-1 Outrigger – Woman

For more information please contact Race Director
Doug King –