Stand Up Paddle Board Clinics with Jim Lawhead of Lake Erie Paddler



Jim Lawhead is the founder of Lake Erie Paddler based in Lorain, Ohio.  Lake Erie Paddler is a one of kind Stand-Up Paddle Board Company offering an integrated approach of Sales, Lessons, Rentals, Fitness, and Excursions. He  is a lifetime fitness and water enthusiast and is dedicated to delivering a rich SUP experience to his customers.  Jim is Level 3 Certified Paddle Fit Pro Fitness coach, a Yoga Teacher in Training at Solaluna Yoga Studio in Oberlin, Ohio. Jim started paddle boarding in 2010 on Lake Erie and opened Lake Erie Paddler in May of 2012.  He  has instructed paddle board lessons at Lakeview Park Beach in Lorain, Ohio to over 100 students in the summer of 2012.Jim also started the first regularly schedule SUP Paddle Board Yoga classes on Lake Erie and the Black River in Lorain, Ohio and was featured by Fox 8 News in the video ‘Yoga on the Water’.


SUP Paddling Techniques

We combine land tutorial and on-water coaching to cover standup paddleboard basic and intermediate fundamentals.  The land tutorial will cover basis footwork, balance, transition to your feet, stance, paddle grip, and paddle stroke technique. The on water coaching will include performing paddle techniques, learning how to handle the paddle in the water, and paddle board turns using multiple stroke techniques including pivot turns.



SUP Yoga

We will conduct an introductory SUP Paddle Board Yoga Class.  The Class is based on the principles of Ashtanga Flow Yoga originated in India.  Envision your paddle board as your yoga mat with the flow of the water offering an additional elastic force to your practice. We will perform basic Yoga poses like tadasana, forward bends,  twists, downward dog, plank and attempt more advanced yoga poses like warrior and headstand. If you can do it on land, you are likely to be able to do it on the water.


Paddle Fit Challenge

We will sample the Paddle Fit Pro Land and water classes by combining land and water exercises.  The water exercised will include water paddle board launches, Paddle Board sprints, bouy turns, paddle board exits, and fitness exercises like pushups, squats, and crunches on your paddleboard. If time and space permits we will combine land exercises like bear crawls, high knees,  pushups, burpees, squats, stationary lunges, and jump lunges. This will be a sample of the complete water and land class that is best done from a beach launch.